8 Eco Friendly Slippers That Are Super Comfortable!

Working from home requires all the comfort you can get, a good pair of comfortable outfits, cute socks, a nice cup of coffee, your favorite playlist, and for most of all, a nice pair of eco-friendly slippers! 

Fluffy house ones or your trusted flip-flops, a good pair of earth-friendly slippers will give you a unique kind of comfort that will go way beyond as you consciously choose to do your part to make a difference in the world.

By choosing to be sustainable, you have chosen to contribute less and learn more today than you did yesterday to save the environment - even with just a pair of slippers.

What Are Eco-Friendly Slippers?

Eco-friendly slippers are designed with the environment and rules of ethical fashion in mind. 

It aims to reduce carbon footprint and conventional fabrics and materials that are affecting the planet. 

It symbolizes an approach to the makings of clothing:

  •  such as distributional design,
  •  sourcing, and
  •  manufacturing of clothing that maximizes the benefits for people and minimizes the    effects on the environment.  

With this being said, if you’re ready to save the world - one piece of clothing at a time,  a pair of eco-friendly slippers might be a good start! 

While there are fewer brands that are 100% sustainable, there are quite a few that live up to the standard so fret not, here are some recommendations to help you start.  

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List Of The Best Eco-Friendly Slippers To Cozy Up With While Working From Home

We’ve curated a list of eco-friendly slippers that ranges from fluffy, soft house slippers to sturdy, resilient flip flops to help you pick the one that suits you best.

Some are made from pure wool, and some with durable natural rubber - these eco-friendly slippers will be sure to make you feel great and comfortable when you put them on!

Here are some quick links to some of the best eco-friendly slippers that're great for both your feet, and the environment:

Best Eco-Friendly Slippers For You To Get Comfortable With While Working From Home

1. Freewaters  

eco-friendly slippers
Photo by Freewaters

Freewaters’ biggest initiative was to provide clean and safe drinking water for various communities in Kenya, Haiti, and the Philippines. 

Their confidence was such that in 2011 they established their first water project in Kenya before they could even sell their first pair of eco-friendly slippers!

Their products including their toxic-free slippers are all made of PVC-free (a toxic carcinogen listed by the WHO) materials and for assembly, water-based glues.

Water-based glues are low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and are free from formaldehyde which creates a safer environment for work and a cleaner planet. 

Whereas being PVC free means lesser toxic chemicals are being built up in our water, air, and food chain.

Also a pioneer for responsibly sourced leather, Freewater ensures that the water used in the tanning process for leather is purified naturally on wetlands.

This is where the chemicals can be broken down by plants and microorganisms in the wetlands, allowing the water to be recycled and reused.  

Their environmentally friendly slippers and other footwear also boast their footbeds that are made of 10%-15% recycled EVA foam rubber.

This special foam rubber is specifically designed for excellent cushioning, comfortable arch support, and a modern fit - a win-win for you and the planet!

Prices for both Men and Women Slippers start at $46
You can find them on their website here.


2. Kyrgies

eco-friendly slippers
Photo by Kyrgies

Handmade in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, every pair of environmentally-friendly house slippers made of wool reflects the blend of durability and refined style crafted by the wool artisans in Kyrgyzstan.

Designed to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, each pair of Kyrgies’ eco-friendly slippers for women and men, offers comfort, durability, just the right amount of coziness for any weather, and molded arches for the support of your feet.

 They come in various bold and standard colors and specially designed insoles for different needs.

Kyrgies are also a part of 1% for the Planet, an organization that aims to bring dollars and doers together to bring attention to and encourage smart environmental giving.

This is done by acknowledging that businesses profit from earth’s resources and therefore should help protect those resources.  

Because they care about how their slippers are made, how they treat their workers, and how they impact the environment, they are also a part of One Tree Planted.

One Tree Planted is an organisation committed to improving globe deforestation, which stays true to Kyrgies’ most important values - fair trade and sustainability. 

They’ve donated 1800 trees in 2018 to help reforest U.S communities affected by fires and have committed to becoming Climate Neutral Certified and contributing by purchasing quality carbon credits to offset this year’s carbon emissions.  

Prices start at $72
You can find them on their website here or on Etsy.

3. Thought

ethically made slippers
Photo by Thought

Based in the UK, Thought is a fashionable ethical company that holds to its name, with careful thought to its considered design, sourcing responsibility, and initiating change for the planet. 

Their ethically made slippers are a statement for their mission in terms of sustainable sourcing and production and as well as comfort, offering you the best of both worlds and helping you make more considered decisions when you shop.  

Both a sock and a slipper, these are the coziest earth-friendly house slipper socks one can ask for. Made of organic cotton and bamboo, these slipper-socks promise to be breathable, amazingly comfortable, and most of all, sustainable. 

Featuring a super cozy triple-layered recycled polyester lining and a hand-drawn print, they’re a great addition to your WFH routine to keep your busy toes cozy while you work. 


Prices start at $21
You can get them on their website here or Bamboofeet.

4. Baabuk

ethical slippers
Photo by Baabuk

Comfort and exploration - two concepts that come together for Baabuk which created the core of everything that they do and love, especially for their ethical footwear and eco-friendly slippers.

Inspired by a pair of Valenkis, a traditional felt footwear in Russia, the founders, Dan and Galina set out to recreate and make a pair of felted wool shoes in their kitchen that looked a lot like “a sheep that had wandered through a carwash.”. 

Perseverance is key and Baabuk is proof that with hard work, you can achieve wonders. In 2013, they took their creations to ISPO in Germany when they brought only 8 pairs of Baabuk slippers and promptly got 700 orders after!

Today Baabuk strives to continue helping your feet feel more comfortable, while making sure your ethical slippers and footwear are contemporary, cozy, colorful, responsibly sourced and  thoughtfully made but never boring.

For their ethically made slippers, choose between ankle-high designs for secure wear or easy backless slides which are perfect for moving around the house or office! 

Completely made from wool sourced sustainably from New Zealand, their sheep are well taken care of and safely sheared so you can enjoy your fluffy slippers guilt-free!

Prices range from $65 to $79
You can find them on their website here, or Amazon.

5. Toast

eco-friendly slipper brands in the UK
Photo by Toast

Founded in 1997, and based in London, Toast began with creating loungewear and nightwear that reflected a sense of ease, comfort, and a calmer, more thoughtful life. 

Fairtrade and environmentally friendly, Toast comes highly recommended in the ethical fashion world.  

Creating products that are true to their commitments to craft, longevity, community, and social conscience, they continue to strive to continuously create simple, beautiful, and functional clothing. 

Sturdy, durable, and comfortable, Toast is giving the rest of the eco-friendly slipper brands in the UK a run for their money.

Comes in a variety of designs and colors, Toast’s Felted Wool Suede Slippers feel like a warm hug for your feet. 

They are made in a small factory in Nepal that positively adheres to the fair-trade principles and the wool for each ethical slipper is laid out to dry, carded, teased apart, and felted by hand with the beautiful Himalayan mountain range behind them.

 And if you remember the beauty and thought that comes with each pair every time you wear them, you’ll probably never want to take them off.  

Prices start at $105
You can find them on their website here.

6. Gumbies

eco-friendly flip-flop brand
Photo by Gumbies

An eco-friendly flip-flop brand, the Australian-inspired Gumbies was founded by Michael Maurer who believed that “Life is too short for complication. Keep it simple. Ride a wave, climb a mountain, wear Gumbies.”.

From the very beginning, he was determined that the brand would reflect his passion for simplicity and freedom while utilizing natural materials with a strong ethical foundation but with a point of difference that was clear and visible.  

With three different types of environmentally-friendly flip flops to choose from, take your pick between the Island Canvas, Corker, or the Waterproof Duckbill which all come in stunning colors, with shock-absorbing and slip-resistant qualities. 

After rugged testing and proven durability, it wasn’t long before the ‘Islander’ became known as the 1000-miler.  

Using a few combinations of materials, each model uses a specific set in line with its uses and sustainability. 

The most sustainable pair is said to be The Corkers, with an upcycled cork top layer that also provides antimicrobial benefits for the foot, a salvaged cotton strap, and an outsole made of recycled rubber that is reinforced with jute for durability and strength. 

The Island Canvas and Duckbill come in at a close second and third respectively.

Gumbies are now used by many around the world, enjoying the outdoors, fun, freedom and functionality of ethically made footwear.

Prices start at $41
You can find them on their website here or Amazon.

7. Subs

sustainable flip-flops
Photo by Subs

Subs is a sustainable fashion company from New Zealand that specializes in making high-performance eco-friendly flip-flops or ‘jandals’ that prevent and reduce plastic waste. 

Besides, they are also very durable, safe, recyclable, and earth-friendly!

All their products are made of recycled plastic that is partially sourced from post-consumer waste, waste obtained from beach cleans, as well as industrial and commercial plastic waste recycling.

They have also pledged to remove one kilogram of marine waste from the oceans for every pair sold.

They currently stand at 176,712 kg or 389, 583lb.

The plastic waste that they obtain from the beach cleanups are sent for sorting and further processing and then, combined with industrial and commercial waste such as construction materials (wire casing and pipes) and vinyl gloves from hospitals. 

These are processed together in a circular economy to make formula pellets ready for molding. 

Some of the highlights of these ethically produced flip-flops are their soles and straps. The soles mold quickly to your feet, giving you cushioned steps, ample support, and maximum comfort for your day to day activities. 

This is in addition to the straps that are specifically designed and positioned to ensure comfort in between your toes as well as durable and sturdy plugs to anchor that strap down.

Prices start at $69
You can find them on their website here.

8. Olli

earth-friendly footwear
Photo by Olli

After sensing a gap in the market for affordable, high quality, and sustainable flip-flops on a holiday, two sisters decided that it was time to create better ones.

Olli prides itself on the comfort of their natural rubber shoes that got them traveling the world looking for the finest natural rubber there is, and being accountable for Fairtrade for every member of their production line.

After discovering how durable natural rubber is, the two sisters set out on a mission to make the world’s best eco-friendly flip flops by concocting a foolproof recipe for spongy non-toxic flip flops. 

When mixed with the right balance of other natural ingredients, natural rubber’s elasticity improves greatly which makes the perfect latex compound to make it super spongy.

The sponginess allows the structure to be maintained and stay strong regardless of the challenges and adventures it has to go through. 

This earth-friendly footwear is also lightweight and soft, a plus because natural rubber has a silky smooth texture that feels like silk soft and weighs nothing.

This unique non-slip type of slippers could also benefit different people from all walks of life as it provides maximum comfort and support for various types of activities during the day. 

Be it the irritation-free natural materials used or the amazing support it provides for the arches of your feet, they are great for everyday use - be it at home, at your desk, at the office, or for a quick walk to the grocery store.  

Prices start at $16
You can find them on their website here, or Amazon.


Whether you need something comfortable and sturdy to take you on adventures or just warm hug-like comfort for your feet, we hope that you’ve found one that piqued your interest from our list of best sustainable slippers and flip flops.

Every small action in the direction of minimizing the wasteful products of the fashion industry makes a difference when done collectively. 

best sustainable slippers
Photo by Taylor Simpson on Unsplash

Keep in mind that when looking for a pair of environmentally friendly slippers or footwear, be sure to have the main items checked out in your ethical list.

This includes the type of materials, supply chain, labor practices, inclusivity, green business practices as well as charitable endeavors are good indications of whether they are an eco-friendly organization.  

Keeping the planet safe and clean should never be at the cost of looking good. 

By doing your part, you’re already making a difference, and like we said, a pair of ethically made slippers is as good a start as any. 

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