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Beeswax Tealight Candles- Things You Didn't Know!

People around the world are united by candles and its diversified uses. There are several types of candle options but our favourite would be the beeswax tealight candles due to its sustainable and environmentally friendly properties.  Candles can be used to create an atmosphere of warmth, love and comfort. It can also be used for home decor, spiritual and religion practices, aromatherapy and celebration!  Since candles are widely used across the globe for many different reasons, it is important to know what your candle is made up of and how it may impact your health and the environment. Disclosure: Links in this article may be affiliated. I may earn from these links but they are of NO extra cost to...

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Eco Friendly Sandals That Are Super Comfy!

Have you heard of eco friendly sandals? A footwear’s last stage in its product cycle is for it to be disposed of, contributing to piling landfills and an increment in environmental waste. With this in mind, there are eco friendly options for footwear so you can keep your tootsies comfy AND look after Mother Earth! So, let’s talk about environmentally friendly footwear Unfortunately, not many of us are aware of the impact a shoe or any type of footwear will leave on our environment.  In today’s age, where the fashion industry is booming and one person owns multiple pairs of shoes, this becomes a serious problem.  Although it is unavoidable that we may need multiple pairs of footwear for multiple...

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32 Sustainable Shampoos For Healthier Hair In 2022

Whenever we hear someone; our friend, hairdresser or a stranger on the internet talk about sustainable shampoo, what does it really mean?Is it made from responsibly-sourced and fair trade ingredients? Or does it refer to a biodegradable, recyclable or zero-waste packaging? In this article, we will unpack what sustainable shampoo is all about and look at some of the best environmentally friendly shampoo and conditioners that you can buy to help you get healthy hair whilst saving the planet. We will also look at eco-friendly products that can help you make minimal but meaningful changes to preserve the environment. Here are some of the recommended sustainable shampoo and conditioners:  Ethique Eco-Friendly Purple Shampoo Bar Reef Safe Shampoo Bar - Coconut...

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