Beeswax DIY Kit

For anyone that loves crafting, this DIY Kit is a great way to get started at making your own homemade Beeswax Wraps. Our DIY kits are a great craft project for you to enjoy or a fun activity to do with the kids.

Our Beeswax Wraps DIY Kits are available in two sizes:

Beeswax Mini Wraps DIY Kit

Beeswax Wrap Set, M & L DIY Kit

    Beeswax Wraps are a sustainable alternative to plastic wrap/cling film. Use them to wrap leftovers, sandwiches, fruits and snacks, you can store them at room temperature, in the fridge and you can even freeze them! Simply use the heat of your hand to soften wraps and mould. They can be reused many times, and to clean simply rinse under cold water with mild soap and leave to air dry. They can last from 6 months up to a year.

    *Do not use with raw meat or fish.

    *Keep away from heat

    *Do not rinse in hot water