furoshiki fabric gift wrapping pattern fabric
furoshiki fabric gift wrapping pattern fabric
furoshiki fabric gift wrapping pattern fabric
raffia ribbon gift wrap

Gift Wrapping

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At Saffron & Serai, our focus is to reduce our overall waste, upcycle, and extend the lifetime of a product and give it a second life.

We save all our fabric offcuts and remnants to be repurposed in some way. Whether that's stuffing a pillow, for our future projects or passing them onto other small businesses so that they can go on to make new items. 

For our gift wraps we love the idea of Furoshiki, the Japanese style of wrapping with fabric using all our fabric remnants. We stitch the edges of the fabrics turning them into a large handkerchiefs and sometimes also sew together random sizes of fabric to make larger gift wraps ensuring none of our fabrics goes to waste.

This helps us and you to reduce wrapping waste, and allows your gift wrap to be reused for whatever you want, for your own gifting, as a cute handkerchief or as a placemat and can be reused over and over again.

* Please note for patterned fabric gift wraps, they are assorted and picked at random according to what we currently have in stock.

* Please note the patchwork fabric gift wraps are made up of assorted fabrics and sizes, for more quantities please email us at info@saffronandserai.com as they are 100% Handmade. 

* We try to offer reduced prices for bulk gift wrapping of Patterned & Plain Fabric Wraps, if you would like to order more than 10 pieces please email us at info@saffronandserai.com