Handwoven Floor Mats

Our Handwoven Mengkuang Mats are all intricately handmade and hand processed  in the homes of Malaysian Villagers located on the East Coast of Malaysia. The Mengkuang plants are grown in the villagers own back gardens, once harvested it is a long slow process with multiple steps to be able to reach the final stages of weaving the leaves into mats and other woven items. 

The Mengkuang leaves are thorny and need to be handled with care, once cut to size they are soaked for 3 days to soften and then dried in the sun. They are then hand-dyed and dried again. Once dried, the leaves are finally ready for weaving, there is no rushing the weaving process and can sometimes take up to three months. The skills of weaving are handed down through the generations and taught to others in the village.


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