beeswax food wrap mini
beeswax food wrap mini
beeswax food wrap mini
beeswax food wrap mini
beeswax food wrap mini

Beeswax Food Wrap Minis In Assorted Batik - 4 Pack

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Beeswax Wrap Minis are smaller sized wraps ideal for covering fruit and vegetable halves. Measuring 20cm x 20cm, they come in a bundle of 4 and are the perfect size for your leftover lemon or cucumber, with natural anti-bacterial properties keeping your food fresh for longer. 

Super simple and easy to use. Just place the fruit or veg half in the centre of the wrap, and use the heat from your hand to warm the wax and mould the wrap around it.

Our Beeswax Wrap Minis are an eco-friendly and sustainable way to replace cling film. This natural alternative is reusable, and compostable. Beeswax and Jojoba Oil have anti-bacterial properties keeping your food fresh for longer and look so beautiful in your kitchen wrapped up in our food wraps.

Our Beeswax Wrap Minis are a bundle of assorted wraps to make sure all our fabrics are used and nothing goes to waste! We believe this way nothing gets thrown away and ending up in a landfill. 

Directions: Unfold food wraps and use the warmth and pressure of your hands to mould the food wrap your fruit and vegetables. 

Cleaning: Wash the food wraps with cold water. Use mild soap and hang to dry. DO NOT rinse the food wraps in hot water! Food wraps last approximately 6 months or longer with proper care.

*Do not leave food wraps in direct sun

*Not suitable for raw meat and fish, hot or frozen foods

Ingredients: 100% Cotton, Natural Beeswax, Pine Resin, Jojoba Oil

Size: 20cm x 20cm, Set of 4


Our Beeswax Wrap Minis are good for lil’ snack packs for you or the kiddies. Just fold into a mini-pouch to add your favourite snacks. 

Also good for covering jars and bottles.

You can even label each item to remind yourself what’s inside each of our Beeswax Wrap Minis! Using Washi tape (Japanese Paper Tape) or if you can’t find that masking tape will do. Just add and replace labels easily.

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