Beeswax Wrap - Yellow Floral
Beeswax Wrap - Yellow Floral

Beeswax Wrap - Yellow Floral - Large

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Our Beeswax Wraps are a reusable alternative to cling-film and single-use plastic. Our food wraps are an 100% natural, eco-friendly, biodegradable and compostable. Natural Beeswax and Pure Jojoba Oil have natural antibacterial properties, with high quality Pine Resin ensuring our Beeswax Wraps are self-sealing keeping your food fresh for longer. 

Our Medium single Beeswax Wraps are breathable and self-sealing ideal for wrapping large and medium sized bowls of leftovers, sandwiches, large vegetables like carrots, avocados, tomatoes, peppers and eggplant, a variety of fruit, herb bunches and even your block of cheese to prevent it from drying out and going mouldy.

beeswax wrap usage wrapping bowl           
  beeswax wrap jar

Directions: Unfold food wraps and use the warmth of your hands to mould the food wrap around bowl, fruit or vegetables. 

washing beeswax wrap

Cleaning: Rinse food wraps in cold water using mild soap and leave to air dry. Once dry, fold up and store in drawer or roll up and stand in a jar. With proper care for wraps should last between 6-12 months. 


*Do not rinse in hot water.

*Not suitable for raw meat and fish, hot or frozen foods.

*Store in a cool and dry place.

*Keep away from heat and direct sunlight. 

Ingredients: Natural Beeswax, Pine Resin, Pure Jojoba Oil, 100% Cotton

Size: Large 35cm x 35cm

Batik A beautiful Malaysian fabric inspired by nature with unique leaf and floral motifs and patterns. Batik is a true representation of Malaysian heritage and culture 🇲🇾 We love using Batik in a modern and unique way to reflect the local Malaysian culture.

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